Debugger Clients

Additional debugging features are supported via DBGp, a common debugger protocol for languages and debugger UI communication. See Interactive Debugging for more details. Some UIs or "clients" known to be compatible with AutoHotkey are listed on this page.


SciTE4AutoHotkey is a free, SciTE-based AutoHotkey script editor. In addition to DBGp support, it provides syntax highlighting, calltips/parameter info and auto-complete for AutoHotkey, and other useful editing features and scripting tools.

Debugging features include:


XDebugClient is a simple open-source front-end DBGp client based on the .NET Framework 2.0. XDebugClient was originally designed for PHP with Xdebug, but a custom build compatible with AutoHotkey is available below.


Download: Binary; Source Code (also see SharpDevelop, Dockpanel Suite and Advanced Treeview.)




Notepad++ DBGp Plugin

A DBGp client is available as a plugin for Notepad++. It is designed for PHP, but also works well with AutoHotkey.

Download: See DBGp plugin for Notepad++.




Script-based Clients

A script-based DBGp library and example clients are available from GitHub.

GitHub: Lexikos / dbgp

The DebugVars script provides a graphical user interface for inspecting and changing the contents of variables and objects in any running script (except compiled scripts). It also serves as a demonstration of the dbgp.ahk library.

GitHub: Lexikos / DebugVars

Command-line Client

A command-line client is available from, however this is not suitable for most users as it requires a decent understanding of DBGp (the protocol).


A number of other DBGp clients are available, but have not been tested with AutoHotkey. For a list, see Xdebug: Documentation.