Skips the rest of the current loop iteration and begins a new one. Valid inside any kind of loop.

Continue LoopLabel

If specified, LoopLabel identifies which loop this statement should apply to; either by label name or numeric nesting level. If omitted or 1, this statement applies to the innermost loop in which it is enclosed. LoopLabel must be a constant value - variables and expressions are not supported. If a label is specified, it must point directly at a loop command.

Continue behaves the same as reaching the loop's closing brace:

  1. It increases A_Index by 1.
  2. It skips the rest of the loop's body.
  3. The loop's condition (if it has one) is checked to see if it is satisified. If so, a new iteration begins; otherwise the loop ends.

The use of Break and Continue are encouraged over goto since they usually make scripts more readable and maintainable.


Break, Loop, Until, While-loop, For-loop, Blocks, Labels


; This example displays 5 MsgBoxes, one for each number between 6 and 10.
; Note that in the first 5 iterations of the Loop, the "continue" statement
; causes the loop to start over before it reaches the MsgBox line.
Loop 10
    if A_Index <= 5
    MsgBox A_Index
; Continue the outer loop from within a nested loop.
Loop 3
    x := A_Index
    Loop 3
        if (x*A_Index = 4)
            continue outer  ; Equivalent to continue 2 or goto continue_outer.
        MsgBox x "," A_Index
    continue_outer: ; For goto.