IntelliSense -- by Rajat (requires XP/2k/NT)

This script watches while you edit an AutoHotkey script. When it sees you type a command followed by a comma or space, it displays that command's parameter list to guide you. In addition, you can press Ctrl+F1 (or another hotkey of your choice) to display that command's page in the help file. To dismiss the parameter list, press Escape or Enter.

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; Requires v1.0.41+

; CONFIGURATION SECTION: Customize the script with the following variables.

; The hotkey below is pressed to display the current command's page in the
; help file:
I_HelpHotkey = ^F1

; The string below must exist somewhere in the active window's title for
; IntelliSense to be in effect while you're typing.  Make it blank to have
; IntelliSense operate in all windows.  Make it Pad to have it operate in
; editors such as Metapad, Notepad, and Textpad.  Make it .ahk to have it
; operate only when a .ahk file is open in Notepad, Metapad, etc.
I_Editor = pad

; If you wish to have a different icon for this script to distinguish it from
; other scripts in the tray, provide the filename below (leave blank to have
; no icon). For example: E:\stuff\Pics\icons\GeoIcons\Information.ico
I_Icon = 

; END OF CONFIGURATION SECTION (do not make changes below this point unless
; you want to change the basic functionality of the script).

SetKeyDelay, 0

if I_HelpHotkey <>
    Hotkey, %I_HelpHotkey%, I_HelpHotkey

; Change tray icon (if one was specified in the configuration section above):
if I_Icon <>
    IfExist, %I_Icon%
        Menu, Tray, Icon, %I_Icon%

; Determine AutoHotkey's location:
RegRead, ahk_dir, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE\AutoHotkey, InstallDir
if ErrorLevel  ; Not found, so look for it in some other common locations.
    if A_AhkPath
        SplitPath, A_AhkPath,, ahk_dir
    else IfExist ..\..\AutoHotkey.chm
        ahk_dir = ..\..
    else IfExist %A_ProgramFiles%\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.chm
        ahk_dir = %A_ProgramFiles%\AutoHotkey
        MsgBox Could not find the AutoHotkey folder.

ahk_help_file = %ahk_dir%\AutoHotkey.chm

; Read command syntaxes:
Loop, Read, %ahk_dir%\Extras\Editors\Syntax\Commands.txt
    I_FullCmd = %A_LoopReadLine%

    ; Directives have a first space instead of a first comma.
    ; So use whichever comes first as the end of the command name:
    StringGetPos, I_cPos, I_FullCmd, `,
    StringGetPos, I_sPos, I_FullCmd, %A_Space%
    if (I_cPos = -1 or (I_cPos > I_sPos and I_sPos <> -1))
        I_EndPos := I_sPos
        I_EndPos := I_cPos

    if I_EndPos <> -1
        StringLeft, I_CurrCmd, I_FullCmd, %I_EndPos%
    else  ; This is a directive/command with no parameters.
        I_CurrCmd = %A_LoopReadLine%
    StringReplace, I_CurrCmd, I_CurrCmd, [,, All
    StringReplace, I_CurrCmd, I_CurrCmd, %A_Space%,, All
    StringReplace, I_FullCmd, I_FullCmd, ``n, `n, All
    StringReplace, I_FullCmd, I_FullCmd, ``t, `t, All
    ; Make arrays of command names and full cmd syntaxes:
    I_Cmd%A_Index% = %I_CurrCmd%
    I_FullCmd%A_Index% = %I_FullCmd%

; Use the Input command to watch for commands that the user types:
    ; Editor window check:
    WinGetTitle, ActiveTitle, A
    IfNotInString, ActiveTitle, %I_Editor%
        Sleep, 500
    ; Get all keys till endkey:
    Input, I_Word, V, {enter}{escape}{space}`,
    I_EndKey = %ErrorLevel%
    ; Tooltip is hidden in these cases:
    if I_EndKey in EndKey:Enter,EndKey:Escape

    ; Editor window check again!
    WinGetActiveTitle, ActiveTitle
    IfNotInString, ActiveTitle, %I_Editor%

    ; Compensate for any indentation that is present:
    StringReplace, I_Word, I_Word, %A_Space%,, All
    StringReplace, I_Word, I_Word, %A_Tab%,, All
    if I_Word =
    ; Check for commented line:
    StringLeft, I_Check, I_Word, 1
    if (I_Check = ";" or I_Word = "If")  ; "If" seems a little too annoying to show tooltip for.

    ; Match word with command:
    I_Index =
        ; It helps performance to resolve dynamic variables only once.
        ; In addition, the value put into I_ThisCmd is also used by the
        ; I_HelpHotkey subroutine:
        I_ThisCmd := I_Cmd%A_Index%
        if I_ThisCmd =
        if (I_Word = I_ThisCmd)
            I_Index := A_Index
            I_HelpOn = %I_ThisCmd%
    ; If no match then resume watching user input:
    if I_Index =
    ; Show matched command to guide the user:
    I_ThisFullCmd := I_FullCmd%I_Index%
    ToolTip, %I_ThisFullCmd%, A_CaretX, A_CaretY + 20

WinGetTitle, ActiveTitle, A
IfNotInString, ActiveTitle, %I_Editor%, Return

ToolTip  ; Turn off syntax helper since there is no need for it now.

SetTitleMatchMode, 1  ; In case it's 3. This setting is in effect only for this thread.
IfWinNotExist, AutoHotkey Help
    IfNotExist, %ahk_help_file%
        MsgBox, Could not find the help file: %ahk_help_file%.
    Run, %ahk_help_file%
    WinWait, AutoHotkey Help

if I_ThisCmd =  ; Instead, use what was most recently typed.
    I_ThisCmd := I_Word

; The above has set the "last found" window which we use below:
StringReplace, I_ThisCmd, I_ThisCmd, #, {#}  ; Replace leading #, if any.
Send, !n{home}+{end}%I_HelpOn%{enter}