Volume On-Screen-Display (OSD) -- by Rajat

This script assigns hotkeys of your choice to raise and lower the master and/or wave volume. Both volumes are displayed as different color bar graphs.

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;_______User Settings_____________________________

; Make customisation only in this area or hotkey area only!!

; The percentage by which to raise or lower the volume each time:
vol_Step = 4

; How long to display the volume level bar graphs:
vol_DisplayTime = 2000

; Master Volume Bar color (see the help file to use more
; precise shades):
vol_CBM = Red

; Wave Volume Bar color
vol_CBW = Blue

; Background color
vol_CW = Silver

; Bar's screen position.  Use -1 to center the bar in that dimension:
vol_PosX = -1
vol_PosY = -1
vol_Width = 150  ; width of bar
vol_Thick = 12   ; thickness of bar

; If your keyboard has multimedia buttons for Volume, you can
; try changing the below hotkeys to use them by specifying
; Volume_Up, ^Volume_Up, Volume_Down, and ^Volume_Down:
HotKey, #Up, vol_MasterUp      ; Win+UpArrow
HotKey, #Down, vol_MasterDown
HotKey, +#Up, vol_WaveUp       ; Shift+Win+UpArrow
HotKey, +#Down, vol_WaveDown

;_____Auto Execute Section__________________

; DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING HERE (unless you know what you're doing).

vol_BarOptionsMaster = 1:B ZH%vol_Thick% ZX0 ZY0 W%vol_Width% CB%vol_CBM% CW%vol_CW%
vol_BarOptionsWave   = 2:B ZH%vol_Thick% ZX0 ZY0 W%vol_Width% CB%vol_CBW% CW%vol_CW%

; If the X position has been specified, add it to the options.
; Otherwise, omit it to center the bar horizontally:
if vol_PosX >= 0
    vol_BarOptionsMaster = %vol_BarOptionsMaster% X%vol_PosX%
    vol_BarOptionsWave   = %vol_BarOptionsWave% X%vol_PosX%

; If the Y position has been specified, add it to the options.
; Otherwise, omit it to have it calculated later:
if vol_PosY >= 0
    vol_BarOptionsMaster = %vol_BarOptionsMaster% Y%vol_PosY%
    vol_PosY_wave = %vol_PosY%
    vol_PosY_wave += %vol_Thick%
    vol_BarOptionsWave = %vol_BarOptionsWave% Y%vol_PosY_wave%

SetBatchLines, 10ms


SoundSet, +%vol_Step%, Wave
Gosub, vol_ShowBars

SoundSet, -%vol_Step%, Wave
Gosub, vol_ShowBars

SoundSet, +%vol_Step%
Gosub, vol_ShowBars

SoundSet, -%vol_Step%
Gosub, vol_ShowBars

; To prevent the "flashing" effect, only create the bar window if it
; doesn't already exist:
IfWinNotExist, vol_Wave
    Progress, %vol_BarOptionsWave%, , , vol_Wave
IfWinNotExist, vol_Master
    ; Calculate position here in case screen resolution changes while
    ; the script is running:
    if vol_PosY < 0
        ; Create the Wave bar just above the Master bar:
        WinGetPos, , vol_Wave_Posy, , , vol_Wave
        vol_Wave_Posy -= %vol_Thick%
        Progress, %vol_BarOptionsMaster% Y%vol_Wave_Posy%, , , vol_Master
        Progress, %vol_BarOptionsMaster%, , , vol_Master
; Get both volumes in case the user or an external program changed them:
SoundGet, vol_Master, Master
SoundGet, vol_Wave, Wave
Progress, 1:%vol_Master%
Progress, 2:%vol_Wave%
SetTimer, vol_BarOff, %vol_DisplayTime%

SetTimer, vol_BarOff, off
Progress, 1:Off
Progress, 2:Off